S-10 V8 Evaporator Cover Evaporator Cover - V8 Swaps by JTR Stealth

S-10 V8 Evaporator Cover

  • $40.00

Why You Might Need One. Stealth Conversion's evaporator housing cover provides clearance for the passenger's side exhaust manifold and the passenger's side valve cover when installing a V8 into an S-10 Truck. See Chapter 7 in JTR's Chevrolet S-10 Truck V8 Conversion Manual.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONSEvaporator housing cover installation

  1. Mark the evaporator housing cover (as shown on the left above.) Carefully cut the evaporator cover with a cut-off tool, making sure to use a shallow cut so as not to damage the evaporator. The cutting procedure produces a lot of dust and small particles. Be sure to wear proper eye protection and a respirator.
  1. Fit the stealth conversions evaporator cover onto the S-Truck's evaporator cover. Trim the S-Truck's evaporator cover so that the Stealth Conversions cover fits neatly. 
  1. Most likely, the cover will not fit perfectly flat against the fiberglass surface. Carefully bend and form the metal cover so that it fits perfectly onto the S-Truck's evaporator cover. This will take a few minutes. Take your time and do it right.
  1. After you are sure the stealth conversions cover fits perfectly onto the S-Truck's evaporator cover, apply generous quantities of clear silicone sealant to fasten the metal cover to the fiberglass cover. Do not use high-temperature silicone sealant or oil-resistant sealant because they don't work as well as clear silicone sealant in this application.
  1. Secure the metal cover to the fiberglass cover with tape until the silicone sealant cures.
  1. Remove the tape and seal all gaps, seams, and voids with silicone sealant.


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