Radiator Hose Splicers Cooling - V8 Swaps by JTR Stealth

Radiator Hose Splicers

  • $20.00

Aluminum Hose Splicers Ordering:   Select the quantity/price desired and choose a size from the menu when ordering. 

Purpose of Hose Splicers: On some engine swaps, getting a molded radiator hose to fit your particular application can be impossible. We often cut and splice different sections of radiator hoses to fit a swap.

Making custom hoses with aluminum hose splicers.

For example, on S-10 Truck and Volvo V8 conversions, we cut and splice an upper hose from a Ford F-150 truck to make the lower radiator hose shown above, which uses one of our old brass hose splicers and a hose reducer bushing. Hose reducers are available at auto-parts stores. Stealth Conversions also stocks hose reducer bushings. Cost is about $6 each.

Important Tips on Use. When splicing hoses, make sure the connector has beaded ends to securely hold the radiator hose. We can’t tell you how many times we have seen hoses slip off of hose splices made with smooth pipe or tubing.

Make sure the hose is flexible enough to allow for normal engine movement without putting stress on the radiator fittings. Beware of using metal tubing with short pieces of rubber hose at each end to connect to the engine and radiator, as seen so often in car magazines. The short pieces of rubber hose do not allow enough flexibility for normal engine movement, and will eventually cause radiator failure.

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