Headers for Datsun V8 ZX with Rack and Pinion Steering Headers - V8 Swaps by JTR Stealth

Headers for Datsun V8 ZX with Rack and Pinion Steering

  • $520.00

Why You Might Want This. The Datsun 280ZX with rack and pinion steering can use these headers for a V8 swap. We recommend the Sanderson Brand because they fit in the V8 ZX and the thick flanges prevent leaks, which are common on lower priced headers. Another advantage of the header flange is the gasketless design.

Positioning Header's outlet, Datsun ZX with rack & pinion steering, Stealth Conversions

The header on the left fits on the passenger’s side. The outlet is positioned to clear the frame rail.

The header on the right goes on the driver’s side. The outlet sticks out about 1-1/2" more than the outlet on the passenger’s side.

The outlet fits between the frame rail and the steering, not between the steering shaft and the engine block.

The headers are available plain or ceramic coated. The ceramic coating costs an additional $100, and is well worth the cost due to reduced heat radiated into the engine compartment, as well as improved appearance, and durability. The ceramic coating will not discolor or change in appearance.

On 1-5/8" primary headers, please indicate if heads have a D-Port (D-port usually found on LT1, ZZ3, ZZ4…).

Note on Converting to Rack and Pinion Steering

1979–1981 ZX cars with power-assisted recirculating ball-and-roller power steering can be converted to rack and pinion steering.

1979–1983 ZX cars without power assist came with manual rack-and-pinion steering. This is the simplest and lightest steering system, but it requires high steering effort at low speeds, such as when parking. Once the car is moving, steering effort is ok.

Power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering came on 1982-1983 ZX cars with power assist.

Converting a 1979-1981 ZX that came power-assisted recirculating-ball and-roller steering to a rack-and-pinion steering is a bolt-in swap. It is often easiest to get the parts from a wrecking yard. The following parts must be obtained from a 1979-1983 ZX with rack-and-pinion steering :

1. Crossmember

2. Steering rack

3. steering shaft

4. steering coupler and bolts (which connect the steering column to the steering shaft)

5. tie rod ends

6. power steering hoses from ZX (if using power steering).

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