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S10 Truck V8 Radiator for V8 engine swap



  • $160.00

Why Do I Need One? After trying four different custom-built radiators, with varying degrees of success, we found that the 1986-1988 Corvette heavy-duty radiator (GM Part #52453612), shown on the page, was the best radiator for cooling the V-8 S-Truck. Unfortunately, it is no longer available, but we offer a Modine aftermarket radiator that is every bit as good as the original GM part. 

More About the Radiator. The Corvette radiator is a plastic/aluminum radiator, quite similar to the radiators used in 1987 and newer S-Trucks. It is very light, weighing about 10 pounds, and its high-efficiency, aluminum core cools extremely well. While some aftermarket replacement radiators do not work as well as an original GM radiator, the Modine aftermarket radiator offered by Stealth Conversions is every bit as good as the GM radiator.

The problem we've found with custom-built radiators we tried is that they are too thick. A thick radiator core will not cool a V-8 S-Truck very well because it reduces the available room for an engine-driven fan.

The Corvette/Modine radiator is only 1-1/4" thick, which gives over 1/2" more clearance between the engine-driven fan and the radiator when compared to the 2" thick copper/brass core that many radiator shops build for the V-8 S-Truck. 1/2" may not sound like much, but it makes a huge difference in cooling effectiveness because the fan blade can have more "pitch" or "bite", which will dramatically increase air flow through the radiator. 

Reference Material for Installation. The 1/2" gain in radiator/fan clearance mentioned above assumes that you will hammer in the radiator core-support, which positions the side tanks far enough forward so that the top of the radiator core is only 1/8" away from the top of the radiator core support. Guidance on mounting the radiator and radiator hoses is covered in detail in the S-10 Truck V-8 Conversion Manual.

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