S10 Swap Part 7. ANOTHER UPDATE on the Vortech supercharger.

350 TPI engine and a Vortech supercharger can look simple and clean, but it's not simple, Stealth Conversions.

This is the same truck with a 350 TPI engine and a Vortech supercharger. As simple and clean as this installation looks, it must be noted that it wasn't completely simple. The biggest obstacle to this installation was that the alternator could not be mounted as per the kit because the steering box was in the way (remember, the kit is for a Camaro!). Custom brackets were made so that the alternator could be mounted where the air-conditioning compressor normally goes, but this truck is not equipped with air-conditioning.

Another obstacle with this installation is the clearance between the supercharger, the upper radiator hose, and the radiator. But remember, the engine is installed in the "forward" position (which doesn¬t require driveshaft modifications). It all fits, but it is a bit too tight for our tastes. Setting the engine back even 1/2" would noticeably improve working room.

The supercharger and mounting brackets weigh about 50 lbs.

We have no performance numbers for this truck, as it was sold shortly after this photograph was taken.