S10 Swap Part 1, Introduction

S-10 V8 Engine Swaps, V8 Engine for S10

Before we get started with all the variations and nuances, let's start with the simplest version of the story.

Camaro V-8 for S-10, Stealth Conversions

A 1982–1992 Camaro V-8 engine and 700-R4 transmission can be put into an S-10 with just a few changes.

The only changes required on this engine to fit it into a 4x4 are the motor mounts, the oil pan, and the offset oil filter adapter.

* * *


V8-powered S-10 Blazer in wrecking yard, Stealth Conversions

First, a caveat. The above V8 powered S-10 Blazer was real fast. The V8 conversion did not cause the accident, the driver did. Wrecking yards are full of examples of recklessly driven vehicles. Keep that in mind before you even think about showing off the performance of a V8 S-Truck. We have no control over how you drive your vehicle and cannot be held responsible for your actions. The V8 S-Truck can be an extremely high-performance vehicle, and like any vehicle, should not be driven recklessly or somebody will get hurt or killed.

WARNING: The weight gain from the V8 conversion will affect the handling and braking of the vehicle. Also, the payload capacity of the V8 powered S-Truck will be reduced.