S10 Swap Intro, Part 10: MEASUREMENTS

We stand by our performance numbers, weight figures and fuel mileage numbers: Stealth Conversions.

We are not sure how some people measure horsepower, performance, and fuel mileage, but we use a chassis dynamometer to measure rear wheel horsepower. To measure performance, we use a Vericom 2000 on-board Performance computer (accelerometer), or we go to the dragstrip. We measure gas mileage by dividing distance traveled by fuel consumed. And we use accurate scales to measure vehicle weight and weight distribution. We do a lot of measuring, not guessing.  The point to this is: The performance numbers, the weight figures, and the fuel mileage numbers given in this manual are accurate and repeatable.  Notice the bored appearance of the dyno operator in the driver''s seat. Gathering accurate information is tedious and time consuming.  The listed weights of the vehicles shown in this manual may seem high, but they are accurate (±25 lbs), and the high weights definitely account for the durability and comfort of the S-Trucks, especially when compared to many of the imported mini-trucks. The original 2.8 V6 engines were not underpowered, they just had too much weight to move.