New Body Style 5. UNDERNEATH THE 95 S-10 2WD V8 BLAZER

LT1/LT4 V8 swap underside, Stealth ConversionsThis shows the underside of the LT1/LT4 V8 swap. The engine accessories are from a 1993-1997 Camaro LT1. This a two-wheel-drive truck— the 4x4 S-10 Trucks must use the Corvette accessories when using the LT1 because of the different front suspension, and the different frame.

This vehicle is equipped with an engine oil cooler, which runs oil hoses from the oil filter adapter to the radiator. To simplify the swap, we would eliminate the oil cooler and hoses, and run synthetic oil, as was done on the Corvette LT1.

The power-steering-pump is mounted on the passenger's side of the engine, and the power-steering hoses run underneath the oil pan to the steering box, which is mounted on the driver's side. The Camaro LT1 high-pressure power steering hose has fittings that bolt to the S-Truck steering box but the steel ends of the hose need to be bent (tweaked) to fit the V8 swap.

One of the air-conditioning hoses runs under the oil pan. It is barely visible in this photograph because the front sway bar is blocking it from view, but you can see it better in part 6 of this sequence.