New Body Style 1. The Redesign

In 1994, S-10 Truck got redesigned, and in 1995, the S-10 Blazer also got the new body style. While the body and interior were completely changed, much of the chassis and frame remains the same as the earlier models.

The frame on the newer trucks is more fully boxed to improve torsional rigidity and bending stiffness, and the frame has notches to provide crumple zones to improve crash worthiness. However, the same V8 mounts that work on the 1982-1993 trucks also work on the 1994–1997 trucks.

New Body Blazer blazes the track at GM proving grounds.

The 1995 S-10 2WD, 2-door Blazer shown above has a 1996 Corvette LT4 engine/4L60-E transmission. The photograph was taken at the General Motors Desert Proving Grounds near Phoenix, Arizona on a 104° F day. Scott Leon and other talented employees at the Proving Grounds built this truck using various parts from the General Motors parts bin. The tires and wheels are from an S-10 with the ZQ8 sport suspension package. The Blazer was lowered two inches with the ZQ8 springs and shocks.

The ZQ8 suspension is optional on the S10 trucks, but not the Blazer. The ZQ8 package includes 16x8 rims with 235/55-16 Goodyear Eagle GA tires, slightly softer springs that lower the truck two inches, firmer shocks, a large diameter (1-5/16") front sway bar, and a 7/8" rear sway bar. Also included on the ZQ8 package is a Power Hop Shock (horizontal rear shock absorber to reduce axle hop), and a quick-ratio steering box with 2-3/4 turns lock-to-lock. The ZQ8 suspension also includes special urethane bumpstops front and rear, which offer a more progressive action when the lowered suspension contacts the bumpstops. The ZQ8 is a $700 option, which is a bargain because it costs a lot more to buy piece-by-piece. The nice thing about the ZQ8 pieces is that they can be added to older style 2wd S-10 Trucks and Blazers.

The ZQ8 pieces added to the above Blazer make it handle better and look better. The ride is firmer than the stock suspension and it handles bumpy roads with no floating or bottoming. On corners, the Blazer leans less and grips better. Overall, the ZQ8 suspension is a great performance package.