New Body Style 3. UNDERCARRIAGE OF 1995 S-10 BLAZER WITH LT4/4L60-E

The undercarriage of the 1995 S-10 Blazer with LT4/4L60-E, Stealth ConversionsThe undercarriage of the V8 Blazer looks stock because it is mostly stock. The exhaust system is custom, with 2-1/4" headpipes joining into a 3" exhaust and a 1995 big-block truck catalytic converter (1996-1997 big-block trucks use dual catalytic converters).

The 1995 and newer S-10 Blazers are substantially more refined than the older models. Part of the improvement is from boxing the frame rails to improve rigidity. Notice the crossmember behind the catalytic converter. This improves the frame stiffness, and provides protection in side impacts by distributing crash forces into both frame rails. This crossmember was not used on the older style Blazer. Also, the floor pan is reinforced with doubler panels in critical locations to improve quietness and safety.

Notice the substantial amount of heat insulation above the exhaust system. This keeps the vehicle cooler inside, as well as quieter.

The added refinement and safety do add weight to the vehicle. This 2wd 2-door S-10 Blazer with the V8 weighs about 3800 lbs, but it is an extremely nice driving and good performing vehicle.