More Motor Mounts

Comparison of Typical Aftermarket with Stealth Conversion Motor Mounts

The upper set of steel plates is what at least two companies (Hooker Headers and Transdapt) sell as a V-8 engine mounting kit for the 2WD S-10. It basically consists of two steel plates that bolt or weld to the front crossmember. Price is about $50 to $70.

In addition to the above steel plates, two rubber isolators (GM Part #459021, $60 a pair) and two shells (GM Part #3349760, $36 a pair) are required for mounting the motor.

Because these mounts do not offset the engine towards the passenger's side, they cannot be used with cast iron exhaust manifolds. (For a description of the headers, see page 3-21 of the Chevrolet S-10 Truck V-8 Conversion Manual.) In addition, these mounts position the engine higher than the Stealth Conversions mounts, and this affects the maximum fan size that can be installed, driveline angles, and transmission tunnel clearance.

The lower set of steel plates are what at least one company sells to install a V-8 into a truck that originally had a 4.3 V-6. These mounts are used with the original 4.3 V-6 mounts and rubber isolators. The basic problem with these mounts is that they don't offset the engine to the passenger's side, and this causes exhaust manifold/steering shaft clearance problems. Also, the mounts don't allow setting the engine rearward enough for adequate fan/radiator clearance.