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Volvo 200 Series V-8 Radiator for V8 engine swap

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Why You Might Need One. The radiator from a 1986-1988 Chevrolet Corvette (GM Part #52453612), was our preferred radiator for a Volvo 200 Series V8 swap. Unfortunately, it is no longer available, but we offer a Modine aftermarket radiator that is every bit as good as the original 

We prefer the Corvette/Modine radiator for the following reasons

  • Lightweight. About 10 pounds.
  • Very efficient. The core is 1-3/8" thick and it has about 18 fins per inch. The thin core design provides more room for a cooling fan.
  • It has nearly the same dimensions as the Volvo diesel and V-6 radiators, but the outlets are for the Chevrolet V-8. 

Reference Material for Installation. The Corvette/Modine radiator will fit in the Volvo 200 Series with a few simple brackets and some minor metal trimming, which are shown in the Volvo 200 Series V-8 Conversion Manual


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