Differential Mounted 40-Tooth Reluctor Ring Kit for S10 & 4L60-E V8 #4L60-006 Speed Sensor - V8 Swaps by JTR Stealth

Differential Mounted 40-Tooth Reluctor Ring Kit for S10 & 4L60-E V8 #4L60-006

  • $150.00


Why You Might Want One. For those who install a Turbo-350 transmissions (or other transmission with no reluctor ring) into 1989 and newer trucks, the differential mounted 40-tooth reluctor-ring kit is a simple solution to make the electric-speedometer, cruise-control, and anti-lock brakes work.

Installation Guidance. The complete installation of the differential-mounted 40-tooth reluctor-ring normally takes less than an hour. Click the following link to download complete Installation Instructions. 


Installed Reluctor Ring, 4L60, Stealth Conversions

The 40-tooth reluctor-ring bolts to the differential pinion flange as shown above. The reluctor-ring is made of two halves, so that it can be installed without removing the pinion flange.

The vehicle-speed-sensor shown but now included in our kit (GM part #15547452) is used on transfer cases of 1989 and newer S-10 truck, AWD Astro Vans, and 1987 and newer full-size 4X4 trucks. The part is readily available at most wrecking yards for $10–$20, although retail cost is about $50. We sell them new and include the pigtail in the kit.

The vehicle-speed-sensor is mounted to our bracket that bolts to the differential webbing. Two 1/4" holes need to be drilled into the differential webbing to mount the bracket.

Flexible twisted-pair wiring connects the VSS to the engine wiring harness.

On differentials with a pinion-flange harmonic-dampener, the pinion flange will have to be replaced with a standard style pinion-flange as shown above.

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