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V-8 Conversion Manual for Chevy S10 Trucks

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Overview: Illustrated guide of over 200 pages written by Mike Knell shows how to install a small block Chevrolet V-8 into 1982-2003 Chevrolet S-10 trucks. This book also contains a short chapter on the V-8 swap into the New Body Style.

Feedback from customers over the last 9 years have led to this latest edition. The vehicles shown in the introduction have now accumulated over 700,000 miles.

What it Covers: Covers everything from the drawings of the motor mounts to detailed instructions on calibrating the tachometer for 2 WD, 4x4, Stickshift, and Automatics.

Included for free on this site: A new chapter on smog inspection and California smog laws can now be seen here as well as a section on the 1995 Camaro LT4/4L60-E into 1988 2wd S-10 Blazer.

NEW! The complete Introduction has been added to this site.

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