S-10 Truck, Heavy-Duty U-Bolts U-Bolt - V8 Swaps by JTR Stealth

S-10 Truck, Heavy-Duty U-Bolts Sold as a set of 4

  • $80.00

Why You Might Want Them. Stealth Conversions' U-bolts, also included in the S-10 lowering kit, have the correct dimensions for use with the S-10 axle, which is 2.75" diameter. Most of the aftermarket lowering kits use U-bolts designed for a 3" axle. Also, most aftermarket U-bolts use 1/2" threads, which are weaker than stock U-bolts and often strip with repeated use. See below.

Heavy-duty S-10 U-bolts

Installation Tip. Torque our U-bolts to 85 lb-ft.

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