Axle Set Back Plates for V8 S10 Driveline Adjustment - V8 Swaps by JTR Stealth

Axle Set Back Plates for V8 S10 Sold as a pair

  • $50.00

Why You Might Need One. For those who are leary of driveshaft modification when installing a V-8 into the S-10 truck, the alternative is to relocate the rear axle rearward 1/2" by installing axle set-back plates.

As crude as this may sound, the stock location of the rear axle normally places the rear wheels about 3/8" forward of the center of the wheel well. Measure your own truck. If you move the rear axle rearward 1/2", it will be almost perfectly centered in the wheel well, and you will save about $60 and a trip or two to the driveshaft shop.

More About Installation. Basically, the axle set-back plates are like lowering blocks, except the locating pin on top is offset 1/2" from the locating hole on the bottom. The axle set-back plate is made from 3/8" thick aluminum and the 9/16" diameter screw is used for alignment. in place of a pin

The axle set-back plate lowers the rear of the truck 3/8" and can be used with the stock U-bolts.


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