U-Bolts for Chevy Colorado Driveline Adjustment - V8 Swaps by JTR Stealth

U-Bolts for Chevy Colorado Sold as a set of 4

  • $80.00

Why You Might Need One. Stealth Conversion's U-bolts for the Colorado are made specifically for the Colorado. The Colorado uses an axle tube that is 3-3/16" diameter (compared to 2-3/4" on an S-10 Truck, or 3" for most full-size trucks).

The Stealth Conversion's U-bolts are made from 9/16" diameter steel, instead of the 1/2" diameter normally used by other manufacturers. The 9/16" diameter U-bolts cost more than the 1/2" diameter U-bolts, but they are much stronger and they can be reused, unlike the 1/2" diameter U-bolts which often fail when installed more than once.

The "Hi-nuts" used on the Stealth Conversion's U-bolts are much longer than normal nuts, and they resist stripping far better than normal nuts.

Torque our U-bolts to 85 lb-ft.


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