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S10 V8 Motor Mounts

  • $74.00

Why You Might Need One. Stealth Conversion motor mounts for S10 2WD and 4x4 V8 engine swaps allow a better conversion by offsetting the V8 engine to the passenger side and lower. 

Offsetting the engine to the passenger side creates steering shaft/exhaust manifold clearance.

Mounting the engine low makes room for a large engine-driven cooling fan. It also reduces the transmission tunnel mods required to install the V-8 and keeps driveline angles closer to stock than other designs.

Why Stealth Conversion Mounts. To allow our mounts to work with stock S-10 2.8 V-6 mounts, they are made of thin 1/4" mild steel, except for the base plate on the passenger's side mount, which is 5/16" thick. Mounts from other sources use thicker steel or gusset the mounts, which causes problems when tightening the mounting bolts because the "ears" on the mount will not pull in easily for proper clamping.

The two pairs of mounts shown in our product illustration are for (top) 2WD S10 or Blazer models and (bottom) 4x4 trucks. Notice the slotted mounting holes, which allow adjusting the motor position rearward by up to 1-3/8" and side-to-side by up to 1/2" so that you can position the engine exactly where it needs to be. (The two sets of "slots" on the ears allow a single part to provide this same range of adjustment for either Blazers or S10s).

Installed JTR Passenger Side Motor Mount Close Up

Close-up, installed S10 motor mount, Stealth Conversions

The rectangular hole in the passenger side motor mount above accommodates a passenger-side offset while allowing the shell of the 2.8 V-6 mount to poke through the mount, thus positioning the engine lower than other designs. 

Issues We Handle That Other Motor Mounts Don't

Competing S10 motor mount issues, Stealth Conversions

The upper set of steel plates shown above is what at least two companies sell as a V-8 engine mounting kit for the 2WD S-10. Their two steel plates bolt or weld to the front cross member. Price is about $50 to $70. In addition, two rubber isolators (GM Part #459021, $60 a pair) and two shells (GM Part #3349760, $36 a pair) are required for mounting the motor, for a total cost of close to $150. Because these mounts do not offset the engine towards the passenger's side, they cannot be used with cast iron exhaust manifolds. (For a description, see page 3-21 of the Chevrolet S-10 Truck V-8 Conversion Manual.) In addition, these mounts position the engine higher than the Stealth Conversions mounts, which affects the maximum fan size that can be installed, driveline angles, and transmission tunnel clearance.

The lower set of steel plates are what at least one company sells to install a V-8 into a truck that originally had a 4.3 V-6. Their basic issue is that they don't offset the engine to the passenger's side, which as noted causes clearance issues for exhaust manifold/steering and radiator fans.

Ordering Tips. You need only choose 2WD or 4x4 on the pull-down because the two sets of "slots" on the ears handle the different offset needs of the Blazer or the S10. Note the special offer, which includes a discounted Chevy S10 Conversion Manual with either variety of mounts.


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