Speedometer Clamp 4L60-004 Speed Sensor - V8 Swaps by JTR Stealth

Speedometer Clamp 4L60-004

  • $40.00

The speedometer gear to drive a speedometer cable when installing the 4L60-E electronic transmission is held in place with a clamp assembly (Stealth Conversions part #4L60-004). A closeup is shown below.


4L60-004 Collar Clamp, Stealth Conversions
As shown above, the governor ring has a slight crown, which requires that it must be installed with our collar clamp #4L60-004 oriented towards the front so that the clamp is directly over the crown of the governor gear and will not slip off.

More information on alternative ways to drive a speedometer cable on the 4L60-E transmission is available in the book, Chevrolet TPI & and TBI Engine Swapping.

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