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Astro Van V8 Engine Mounts for V8 Engine Swaps

  • $85.00

Why You Might Need Them. The Astro Van V-8 swap is probably the easiest V-8 swap around. For example, there is plenty of room in front of the V-8 to run a clutch fan. About the only things that are not stock for this swap are the motor mounts.

More About These Motor Mounts. The mounts bolt onto the V-8 Engine Block and onto the original Astro Van rubber isolators. Everything remains stock, including driveline angles, driveshaft, shift linkage, etc.  If you want to make the mounts yourself, drawings of the mounts are in the book, Chevrolet TPI & TBI Engine Swapping.

More About Installation. The easiest way to do the swap is to remove the Astro Van engine/transmission/subframe assembly as a unit. We have seen people remove the engine/transmission through the front of the van, but the engine nearly needs to be disassembled for this procedure. Follow the instructions in the factory service manual (available from Helm) for the removal procedure.

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