6-Bolt Tailhousing Adapter for 4L60-E V8 engine swaps Speed Sensor - V8 Swaps by JTR Stealth

6-Bolt Tailhousing Adapter for 4L60-E V8 engine swaps

  • $384.00

Here is a video.


Why You Might Need One. This adaptor modifies the tailhousing for connection of a VSS and speedometer cable. It also allows connecting a newer 4L60-E transmission to an older transfer case.

Used Caprice tailhousings can often be purchased on Ebay

Details on the Installation. For two-wheel drive applications, this adapter requires the following parts in addition to a Caprice tailhousing: a 4L60-003 reluctor ring, 4L60-004 gear clamp assembly, GM VSS, electrical pigtail, and GM speedometer gears and sleeve. Our image of the adaptor shows it after the 40-tooth reluctor ring, sensor, and electrical pigtail have been installed.

As noted, the adapter can also be used to connect a newer 4L60-E transmission and its 6-bolt tailhousing to an older transfer case that normally connected to a 4L60-E or 700-R4 transmission with a 4-bolt tailhousing. 

Three Views of our Adaptor on the Left, stock 6-bolt Tailhousing on the right.

Three views of 6-bolt tailhousing adaptor, Stealth Conversions

Note that the overall length of our adapted tailhousing remains the same as the stock tailhousing.

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